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Theft from motor vehicles

Theft from motor vehicle is still an issue in the area.

Please report any suspicious behaviour on the below link



  • Thursday 25th November, 2021

    Theft from motor vehicles is still an issue around Cotham. Please ensure you remove all valuables from your vehicle, especially during the night. Report any person paying close attention to your vehicle.

  • Sunday 18th October, 2020

    Theft from vehicles continues to be an issue in Cotham. This is being tackled by way of targeted patrols.

    Please ensure that valuables are not left in view. Even a small amount of cash visible may be enough for an offender to act upon.

  • Friday 17th July, 2020

    We will conduct patrols and give crime prevention advice about how to protect your vehicle. We will inform you when Beat Surgeries can restart.

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