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Securing commercial vehicles

The theft of a vehicle could be a significant loss for your business and leave you unable to carry on with your work.

Read our advice on securing your commercial vehicle:

Make a note of vehicle details
  • Keep a record of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as this will help us confirm the vehicle’s identity if it is stolen and make it easier to return it if recovered.
  • Take photos of the vehicle regularly, including the registration plate and any other identifying factors like its engine number. The photos will increase the chance of the vehicle being recognised if it is stolen.
Store your vehicle safely
  • Keep your vehicle in a lockable building such as a garage. Read our information on how to secure your outbuildings.
  • Cover the windows of the building where the vehicle is stored. This will prevent anyone from seeing inside and viewing the vehicle. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Install motion-detecting (PIR) lighting and alarms to the buildings where the vehicles are stored to deter thieves.
  • Always remove the keys from the vehicle and keep them in a secure location. Do not keep the keys hidden on the vehicle.
Remove valuables from the vehicle
  • Remove all valuable items, such as tools, from your vehicle and store them somewhere securely, especially overnight.
  • Put signs on the vehicle, which say that no valuable items are stored in it overnight.
  • If you have to leave valuable items in your vehicle overnight, use paint pens and clear lacquer spray to security mark the items with your name/company name and address so they can be easily returned if they are stolen.
Invest in GPS, alarms and immobilising aids
  • Fit a GPS device to the vehicle so you can track its location if it is stolen.
  • Get a professionally installed Thatcham approved alarm.
  • Fit a Thatcham certified immobiliser to your vehicles. They prevent theft because the engine will not start unless the correct key is used.
  • Get a CCTV camera fitted. You can buy cameras which record the inside of vehicles.
  • Consider fitting registration number plate security screws.
  • Fit the wheels with lockable wheel nuts.
  • Protect the spare wheel by fitting a spare wheel guard.
  • Use padlocks or a fixed ground anchor to fix rural vehicles like quad bikes and tractors to a solid structure or the ground.


Security mark your vehicles

Stolen vehicles

Help reduce rural crime  

Farm Watch was set up to reduce rural crime, including vehicle theft. Find out more about Farm Watch.

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