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Op Goldcoast – Seasonal Issues/ Patrols Brean, Berrow

In the summer season our beat area is very busy due to the arrival of our seasonal visitors and day visitors to our coastal area of Berrow, Brean and Burnham-on-Sea. Due to covid restrictions and limited foreign travel we are expecting this season to be very busy with visitors. It is reported that in the height of the season visitor occupation can rise to 70,000 persons.

We would expect to see an increase in anti social behaviour, night time economy related issues and disorder due to the rise in occupation figures.



  • Saturday 28th August, 2021

    This year we have seen higher than normal numbers of seasonal visitors to the area due to Covid restrictions.

    This has brought high numbers of visitors to our area.

    We have continued to work with our partnership agencies, local businesses and our community to ensure everyone has a pleasant stay in the area.

    Extra patrols have taken place and are scheduled to continue throughout the holiday period.


  • Tuesday 20th April, 2021

    Additional staffing sourced for Op Goldcoast for the key periods throughout the Season.

  • Wednesday 31st March, 2021

    Partnership meeting held with Site Owners and other agencies as a means of forward planning for the season.

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