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Fly tipping

Fly tipping is still prevalent in the lanes surrounding Frome. Regular patrols both during the day and after dusk are carried out. We encourage anyone who is hiring private waste disposal for garden or building waste, to check the contractor has a waste carriers license. Do your bit to prevent your waste ending up on your lanes. If your contractor can not show you a waste carriers license and is offering waste removal please report them to trading standards and the Police on 101.

Where practically possible lock and block your gates  and field entrances. Logs, boulders and ditches can all help prevent access to the fields.


  • 12 May 2023

    We continue to incorporate  patrols during each shift to tackle fly tipping in the lanes around Frome. We also ensure dedicated, targeted patrols during our late shifts. Any sites discovered are reported to the council for removal.

    We encourage all suspicious activity to be reported to the Police on 101 and any discovered fly tips reported to the Council.



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