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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Anti-social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour and uninsured motor vehicles are our priority as we enter the summer months. Uninsured vehicles pose a risk to not only other drivers but also members of the public so it is important that we get these off the road. Anti-Social Behaviour can have a significant impact on our communities and we will be utilising all our powers to ensure we tackle this head on for our communities.


  • Thursday 6th February, 2020

    The beat team have patrolled ASB hotspots at times during the day that we know are common with youths.

  • Tuesday 3rd December, 2019

    The Bridgwater Town West Neighbourhood Policing Team have been working in partnership with local schools providing anti-social behaviour lessons to primary school aged children in the area.

  • Friday 1st November, 2019

    Our teams have been doing high visibility patrols in the area. They have also set up beat surgeries in both East and South Bridgwater to enable local residents to share any concerns they may have.

  • Saturday 19th October, 2019

    Parks / greenlands have been identified as a ASB hotspots therefore focused patrols have been put in to tackle this.

  • Tuesday 1st October, 2019

    ASB – Taunton Road Ponds ASB caused by night fishing and also potential drug dealing in the area. Both neighbourhood officers and colleagues from Response will be targeting the area in order to disrupt this activity. As a PSPO is in place we will be working with our partner agencies to tackle this issue.

  • Tuesday 3rd September, 2019

    Our Bridgwater Urban Neighbourhood Policing Team continue to tackle any incidents of anti-social behaviour using the powers at their disposal and taking positive action where necessary.

  • Thursday 29th August, 2019

    We are well aware of a mini moto/scooter riding on alleyways, paths and roads illegally. We have put in extra patrols to attempt to catch this.

  • Wednesday 28th August, 2019

    The team are conducting high visibility patrols to tackle anti-social behaviour. We have been gaining intelligence from members of the public and put in extra patrols as a result.

  • Tuesday 13th August, 2019

    We have increased patrols to tackle ASB especially in hotspot areas. These areas have been identified by previous calls, local knowledge and intel coming from members of the public. We believe this increase in patrols is having a positive effect and is being noticed by members of the public.

  • Saturday 10th August, 2019

    We continue to tackle anti-social behaviour around the urban area of Bridgwater and will be using our powers where appropriate. PC Brown is fully aware that over the last few weeks there have been individuals riding scrambler style motorcycles around the estates which are causing residents concerned. The individuals concerned will be visited in the coming weeks and dealt with for offences that have become apparent.

  • Friday 26th July, 2019

    As we are now in the summer holidays we continue to engage with our partner agencies and work together to tackle anti-social behaviour. We have some exciting plans over the holidays to engage with our young adults and to do some diversionary work in order prevent anti-social behaviour from occurring.

  • Friday 5th July, 2019

    We have been doing proactive patrols to tackle the growing problem of youths causing anti-social behaviour.

  • Wednesday 3rd July, 2019

    As the school holidays are approaching, the team are aware that the number of ASB incidents may increase. We have put in place patrol plans covering the known hotspots during all times of the day.

  • Sunday 2nd June, 2019

    We have been conducting high visibility patrols in ASB hotspots over the half term.

  • Tuesday 9th April, 2019

    The Bridgwater Town West team have been conducting high visibility patrols in the area and continue to hold beat surgeries to speak to local residents and discuss any concerns regarding anti-social behaviour.

  • Friday 1st March, 2019

    The team have been doing high visibility patrols in the area. Beat surgeries are also running to enable local residents to share any concerns they may have with anti-social behaviour.

  • Monday 4th February, 2019

    Our team have been conducting high visibility patrols in the area and will be holding beat surgeries to meet with local residents.

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