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Request return of property seized

If we have seized your property as part of a police investigation, usually there will come a time when we will be able to return it to you or your partner.

Before we can release your property:

  • your case must have been resolved and all relevant matters closed
  • the officer in charge of the case must authorise its release
  • in some cases, you will have to prove ownership

We reserve the right to retain your property if it is illegal or is needed to support an appeal.

Processing requests

Investigating officers review items of seized property every 60 days. This helps us decide whether they can go back to their owners or are needed for an ongoing investigation.

If we seize cash from you, there are complex rules about returning it. For more information, speak to a solicitor.

For vehicles seized as part of an investigation, see our vehicle recovery page. If an animal was seized, the officer in charge of the case will decide if it can be returned.

We can return

  • Mobile phones, computers or tablets
  • Personal possessions, such as jewellery or clothing
  • Bank cards or licences

We cannot return

  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Knives

Items we cannot return will either be placed into police storage or destroyed.


You must collect your seized property from a police station. We cannot return items any other way.

Need to book an appointment? How long after MOP contacts you will the appointment be?

When you come to the police station, make sure you bring:

  • ID, such as valid passport or UK driving licence
  • proof of ownership, if requested

Make a request

We aim to respond to you in three working days.

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