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Report parking issues

Your local council is responsible for the enforcement of parking offences. The Police will only deal with vehicles causing a hazard or obstruction.

Before you report a parking issue or offence, make sure you have as many of the following details about the vehicle as possible:

  • registration number
  • make and model
  • colour
  • location

Report parking offences

Your local council is responsible for dealing with vehicles if they have parked:

  • on double yellow lines
  • on single yellow lines outside the permitted hours (check signs for times)
  • in a space for Blue Badge holders or in a residential parking bay (unless they are entitled to do so)
  • in a marked taxi bay, cycle lane, bus lane or on a red line
  • near a school entrance with mandatory School Keep Clear markings or a bus stop

To report an illegally parked vehicle, contact your local council.

Report an obstruction or hazard

You should report a vehicle to us if it is causing an obstruction or hazard by:

  • parking in a dangerous position such as on zig zag lines or other pedestrian crossings
  • parking opposite or within ten metres of a junction
  • parking over a dropped kerb
  • blocking a road or pavement which causes pedestrians to enter the road
  • preventing you from being able to park or get your vehicle off your driveway (try to find the owner and ask them to move the vehicle, before reporting)
  • preventing emergency vehicles from accessing an area

You can report a vehicle causing an obstruction:

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