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Report fraud

When a person dishonestly makes a false representation and in doing so intends to make a gain for themselves or a loss for another, they are committing fraud.

Fraud is a unique type of crime. The levels of reported fraud are higher than other crimes and often complex. Fraudsters are renowned for creating new and clever ways to scam their victims. Some of the current most popular scams are:

  • online shopping fraud
  • identity theft
  • investment fraud
  • romance fraud
  • courier fraud
  • banking fraud

To find out more information about these types of fraud and how to protect yourself from them, visit the Action Fraud website.

How do I report fraud?

All fraud should be reported to Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud:

Reporting fraud to the police

You can report fraud to us, if:

  • the crime is in progress
  • an offender is at the scene or nearby
  • an offender is known to you and resides in the Avon and Somerset area
  • the fraud involves a vehicle, plant, boat, animal or trailer
  • the fraud involves a vulnerable victim

You can report it:

Should I report fraud?

If you think you have been a victim of fraud, even if it was unsuccessful, you should report it.

If you do not report it, the fraudster will learn by this experience and may be successful next time.

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