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Report burglary

Burglary occurs when someone enters property illegally with the intention of committing a crime such as theft, damage or injury.

Burglary does not have to occur in a building. Gardens, outbuildings, sheds, garages and building sites are commonly targeted too.

Burglary in progress

If a burglary is in progress, call 999

What should I do if my property is broken into?

Do not

  • Enter unless you are sure the burglar has left
  • Touch or move anything to preserve potential fingerprints
  • Walk across the floors as the burglar may have left footprints


  • Call us on 101
  • Contact your bank and card providers
  • Contact your insurance company
  • Wait until a decision has been made on forensics before arranging for damaged locks, doors or windows to be repaired or replaced

How do I report a burglary?

If a burglary has recently happened within the last few hours, you can report it:

  • on the phone – call 101 or 999

Otherwise, you can report a burglary:

Register your property

To register valuable or stolen items, visit the Immobilise website.

Report shoplifting

Find out how to report shoplifting.

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