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Property linked to drug dealing and antisocial behaviour closed under court order

Four images of neglected property linked to drug dealing in Bishopsworth

A Bristol property has been closed for three months after it had been used as a base for drug dealing and antisocial behaviour.

Avon and Somerset Police and Bristol City Council have secured a three-month-long closure order for 252 Whitchurch Lane, in Bishopsworth, after class A drugs were found at the house.

The property had regularly been used as a location for drug dealing and drug usage, with neighbours being subjected to loud music, arguments, drug usage, people coming at all hours of the day and night, as well as dog faeces being thrown into their gardens.

Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) Coordinator Antony Lodge, said: “Not only have neighbours been subjected to the use of drugs in their neighbourhood, they have also been kept awake by the loud music coming from 252 Whitchurch Lane.

“They have felt intimidated by the constant flow of people coming to buy drugs from the property, with one resident saying they were considering moving home if the problem was not resolved.”

The order was granted at Bristol Magistrates Court on Thursday 18 August. The ASB Coordinator was joined by police officers at the property to carry out the closure order on the same day.

Mr Lodge added: “I have worked closely with Bristol City Council on this case and the housing officer has been brilliant. After a number of warnings, interventions and offers of support to the tenant, none of which stopped the behaviour, the tenant left us no choice but to take such formal and serious steps.”

Anyone experiencing issues with antisocial behaviour in their area can report it online: Report anti-social behaviour | Avon and Somerset Police