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Gross misconduct proven against former police officer

Allegations of gross misconduct against a former police officer have been proven following a hearing held at Police Headquarters on Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 December.

Breaches of standards of honesty and integrity; duties and responsibilities; equality and diversity; authority, respect and courtesy; and discreditable conduct were proven against former officer PC David Buckley at the hearing, which was led by an independent Legally Qualified Chair (LQC).

Three allegations were made against PC Buckley:

1. That in 2014 he entered into an inappropriate relationship with a colleague, whom he subjected to controlling, coercive and threatening behaviour;
2. That in 2017, he conducted a further inappropriate relationship with a female victim of crime, whom he met in the line of duty;
3. That in January 2020; PC Buckley addressed a colleague using racist language.

The panel ruled that the former constable would have been dismissed had he not already retired from the force.

Head of Professional Standards, Supt. Jane Wigmore, said: “The public rightly expects police officers to uphold the highest standards of behaviour and integrity and where these standards are not met, a thorough investigation will always be carried out.

“Our investigation into allegations made against PC Buckley resulted in a gross misconduct hearing held in public in front of a panel. This panel is always led by a legally qualified chair, who is independent from policing.

“The panel found that PC Buckley repeatedly abused his trusted position and behaved unacceptably both towards his colleagues and a member of the public.

“This conduct has no place in policing and I welcome the decision to dismiss him with immediate effect.”

The full outcome will be published in due course.