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Protect your belongings from thieves

Did you know most reports of lost or stolen phones come from people who have been out at bars and clubs at the weekend?

If you put your phone down on a table or hang your bag on the back of a chair think… a thief sees easy money.

All it takes is a few seconds and you could lose your phone with all your contacts, music, photos and personal information or your purse with all your money, cards and identification.

To help you beat the thieves, we have provided advice and a video which shows you how easy it can be to lose your belongings.

General advice

  • Register your property on the Immobilise website.
  • Keep your phones/bags/purses/wallets/iPods/cameras out of sight – do not advertise your stuff to thieves.
  • Keep your bag, phone, purses, wallets on your person and never leave them unattended.
  • Do not hang bags containing your purse/wallet or other valuables on the backs of chairs or tucked under chairs where you cannot see them.

Mobile phone and tablet advice

  • As soon as you buy a new phone make a note of your IMEI number – this is your phone’s unique 15-digit serial number which normally appears underneath the battery, but on most phones, it can be viewed on-screen by pressing *#06#
  • Always register your phone or tablet on the Immobilise website.
  • Always use your security password to lock your device.
  • Always enable the tracking software on your device.
  • Download tracking software:
  • Make sure your device is insured.

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