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Contact the Speed Enforcement Unit

Your speeding ticket will include all the information you need to respond to the alleged offence.

Before you contact us, make sure you have read:

    • Speeding offences – a summary of how we issue speeding tickets, the potential outcomes, and what to do if you have a driving licence query.
    • How to respond to a speeding ticket – steps the addressee must complete, plus guidance on how to identify the driver, view photos of the offence and how to appeal.
    • Speeding outcomes – information on speed awareness courses, Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), court procedures and contact details for the Conditional Offer Unit.

    You can find the Speed Enforcement Unit’s frequently asked questions for speeding tickets, outcomes and enforcement of speed limits on the Public Access System (PAS).

    Contacting us and making an enquiry does not extend the 28-day time limit you have to respond to the speeding ticket (Notice of Intended Prosecution).

    You cannot contact us by

    • calling 101
    • email

    Contact the Speed Enforcement Unit

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