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Sexual Misconduct 2016

Date of request: 2 May 2021
Reference: 592/21


  • How many complaints of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape were made against officers, community support officers and special constables in 2016?
  • What was the outcome of each complaint? An allegation outcome could be: case to answer, discontinuance, dispensation, no case to answer, ongoing, withdrawn.
  • Where there was a case to answer, what disciplinary action was taken?
  • Please specify the allegation of each complaint.



Please find below the number of alleged sexual offences and alleged misconduct relevant to your request, reported as a complaint or referred as a conduct allegation, which hasn’t met the criminal threshold for sexual offences, for the year 2016.

Complaints received
Complaints 1
Allegations 1
Internal investigations
Conducts 7
Allegations 10

Please find attached a summary of the complaints and internal investigations which have been listed in the above table.

Please find below a breakdown of the outcomes of the complaints and internal investigations listed in the table in the response to question one.


De-recorded 2
No Case to answer 4
Case to answer 5
Action Taken
No Action 5
Retired/ Resigned 2


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