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COVID-19 Breach Reports, Arrests, Fines

Date of request: 21 February 2021
Reference: 233/21


This FOI relates to the period between 24 March 2020 (when the first UK lockdown was announced) and the end of the year, 31 December 2020.

  • During this period, how many reports of potential beaches to “lockdown laws” were reported to your police force by members of the public?
  • Out of all of these reports, how many led to:
  • at least one arrest;
  • no arrests, but some other action, such as a caution or a fine;
  • no further action
  • Out of all the arrests made, how many have so far led to a conviction?
  • During this period, how many fines were issued for breaking “lockdown laws”?
  • During this period, what was the total amount (in Pound Sterling) of fines issued to people who had broken “lockdown laws”?



Please find below a breakdown of the recorded information that we have identified as relevant to your request. Any figures provided below were correct as of the date of your request and may not be reflected in any response previously provided by the constabulary and any response yet to be published.

No. of reports received 25,286
Total number of FPNs issued 697
(of those reports) fines issued 473
(of those reports) Arrests made 2*
(of those arrests) led to a conviction 0


The monetary value of these FPN and subsequent collection on monies from FPNs is not held by Avon and Somerset Constabulary. As these fines are issued by ACRO on behalf of police forces your request for this information may be better directed to them. This can be done by visiting; www.acro.police.uk/About-Us

*It is worth noting that this number only reflects the number of individuals arrested due to a Covid-19 breaches. In addition to the number provided above, we have identified a further 19 individuals that were not arrested for Covid-19 related offences but whilst officers attended the suspected Covid-19 breach have arrested them for other offences.

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