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Complaints Handled by Professional Standards Department 2019-2020

Date of request: 15 September 2020
Reference: 929/20


  1. Number of complaints dealt with by professional standards since September 2019
  2. How long on average it took to investigate complaints
  3. How many complaints are over 6 months old
  4. Breakdown as to how complaints were dealt with e.g local investigation, referral to IOPC, otherwise than by investigation


The number of complaints dealt with by Professional Standards Department (PSD) since September 2019 until the date of your request is 1606.

There are currently 199 cases that are being investigated which are over 6 months old. This can be further broken down as shown in the table below.

With regards to question four, please see the tables below for the breakdown you have requested. The information provided is based on terms used under the new 2020 Police Regulations, these were implemented in February. Therefore the figures are from February onwards.

Local investigation (not subject to special requirements)
February 2020 22
March 2020 17
April 2020 12
May 2020 10
June 2020 16
July 2020 8
August 2020 11
2020 Total 96


Referral to IOPC
February 2020 2
March 2020 5
April 2020 8
May 2020 2
June 2020 3
July 2020 2
August 2020 6
2020 Total 28


Otherwise than by investigation
February 2020 40
March 2020 36
April 2020 24
May 2020 63
June 2020 49
July 2020 57
August 2020 53
2020 Total 322

In relation to question two, please note that the Freedom of Information Act allows a right of access to recorded information. For the purpose of the Act, information that is already recorded or documented at the time of the request can be disclosed (subject to any relevant exemptions). Information will not be held for the purposes of the Act where it relates to, for example, understanding, knowledge and opinion and is not recorded.

There is no obligation for the constabulary to create information to satisfy a request. In this instance we would need to calculate an average, therefore create an answer to your question. As such the information requested is not recorded as new information would be created in order to answer this question

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