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Youth Anti-Social Behaviour-East Yeovil

Officers are aware of community tensions surrounding a number of youths in the area committing criminal acts being involved in fighting, thefts and general anti social behaviour, and that this is having a detrimental impact on the community.

Officers are in contact with different agencies and schools with regards to this.

Officers will be increasing patrols in order to engage and dissuade youths from becoming involved.


  • Tuesday 1st March, 2022

    We are aware that there are still ongoing issues in the Sherwell Close area with youths. We are working hard to try and resolve this with local agencies. Please continue reporting anti-social behaviour to us via 101/force website.

  • Wednesday 2nd February, 2022

    PCSO’s have been active patrolling East Yeovil over the recent late shifts, particularly in Sherwell Close and Birchfield Park areas where we are receiving the most reports of anti-social behaviour. We are working with other agencies to address this problem and have been engaging with youths in the area.

  • Sunday 23rd January, 2022

    The Neighbourhood Team have been busy patrolling hotspot areas this week on late shifts. We are aware of an increase of Anti-social behaviour in Sherwell Close and we are working closely with housing/partner agencies to tackle the problems.

    Please report any ASB to us via 101/999, anonymously on Crimestoppers or via the website.

  • Wednesday 5th January, 2022

    The Beat Team have been patrolling Anti-social behaviour hotspots this week during late shifts.

    We are also aware of a new social media game where youths enter retail stores and chuck items on the floor to claim they have tripped/slipped whilst filming. In the process stock is getting damaged and left for staff to clear up. If your store are victims of disruption or criminal damage etc then please continue to report incidents to us on 101/999 or via the website.

  • Monday 6th December, 2021

    Yeovil East NPT have been carrying out patrols recently in the Sherwell Close area of Yeovil following recent reports of youth ASB.

    We will be working close by with housing and the council to help bring improvements to the area.

    We encourage any residents to report any incidents of ASB.



  • Saturday 13th November, 2021

    PCSO Pearson and PC Marsden spent some time out on foot patrol today engaging with the local community around Birchfield and Milford Park. They also got involved with positively engaging with youths and playing football at Milford Park. PCSO Pearson however is no David James in goal and there’s certainly room for improvement.

  • Thursday 4th November, 2021

    Officers have been conducting routine patrols in East Yeovil and are aware of numerous youths that are causing Anti-Social Behaviour. Officers are proactively dealing with these using Anti-social behaviour powers including delivering warning letters that allows for further harsher action to be progressed

  • Friday 3rd September, 2021

    We received reports of Youths causing antisocial behaviour in and around Glenthorne Avenue earlier this afternoon/evening. Officers attended to engage with youths however they had left the area when officers arrived.

    If you witness or are a victim of antisocial behaviour then please report this via 101, 999 in an emergency, our website or alternatively you can report it anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Many thanks.

  • Thursday 2nd September, 2021

    Officers patrolled Milford Park, engaging with members of the community. They have also been working out of Milford hall recently as an extra resource in order to be more visible to the community.

  • Thursday 26th August, 2021

    PCSO’s spent the morning on foot patrol engaging with several residents. This helps us to better understand the issues you might be experiencing.

    If you have witnessed any anti social behaviour please contact 101 or visit to report it online.

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