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Anti-social Driving East Yeovil

The NPT team have noticed a significant increase in Anti-social driving in all areas of Yeovil. This has lead to an operation being conducted across the whole of Yeovil where numerous drivers were pulled over and stop checked. Working in conjunction with the special constabulary we focused on the east Yeovil areas of Lyde road, St Michaels Avenue and Milford dip.

This resulted in an arrest for drug driving in the East Yeovil area.

Officers will be giving words of advice to drivers around there conduct and will take enforcement action when necessary.



  • Tuesday 1st March, 2022

    Regular patrols are continuing to be carried out by the Neighbourhood Team to tackle Anti-Social driving. We have successfully tackled some of the main problem vehicles/drivers and will continue to deal with any issues that arise.

    Please continue reporting any anti-social driving via 101/the force website etc.

  • Wednesday 2nd February, 2022

    PCSO’s 6195, 6576, 6736 and 8186 have been patrolling schools this week for cars stopping on school entrances marked by yellow zig-zags. Warnings have been given and traffic offence reports will be issued if it persists.

  • Wednesday 5th January, 2022

    We are aware of ongoing Anti-Social behaviour involving vehicles driving in an anti-social manner. This includes recent vehicles drifting and driving dangerously, if you witness any vehicles acting anti-social or being driven dangerously then please contact us on 101/999 or via the website. Dashcam footage is also helpful where measures can be put in place to ensure that the drivers of the vehicles get stopped. Their behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • Sunday 14th November, 2021

    The Neighbourhood Police Team have been conducting proactive patrols in the area and engaging drivers.

    We have recently used the speed gun on Lyde Road and St Michaels Avenue and pulled vehicles over who were caught speeding/driving in an antisocial manner. One driver got arrested for drug driving and is currently under investigation.

    Please continue to let your local Neighbourhood Team know of any issues in your area via 101/999 or online.

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