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Anti-Social Behaviour around Westfield and Stiby road

Residents in and around Stiby road, and those around the Westfield park have been experiencing ongoing criminal damage to property, and general nuisance behaviour by groups of youths in recent weeks.

This behaviour is not tolerated and Police are working closely with Park rangers and other agencies to try target these issues and take action.

Residents and members of the public are encouraged to report any Anti-social Behaviour they may witness, this allows officers to keep track of what is happening and where, and helps us prioritise the areas being effected the most.

Please report any Anti-social behaviour you may witness via the 101 line or the online report form found on our website.




  • Saturday 5th February, 2022

    Thank You to WEST YEOVIL community for reporting local Anti-Social Behaviour incidents in the area. Thank to You, us-local PCSO’s can tackle the issue better leading to better outcome. We are working closely with our ASB team. Many ASB letters has been issued recently .

    Thanks to great local schools response and cooperation with us, the problem can be act on it faster.

    Due to above, number of Anti-Social Behaviour decreased noticeably in the area.

    We continue to urge people to report any crime they witness to 101 or 999 in emergencies.

    Your reports are important to us.





  • Sunday 5th December, 2021

    Patrols around Stiby road and Westfield grove continue, with a zero tolerance attitude taken towards anyone causing anti-social behaviour, criminal damage or other issues in the area.

    We continue to urge people to report any crime they witness to 101 or 999 in emergencies


  • Thursday 4th November, 2021

    Halloween patrols by officers found a small number of youths acting in an anti social manor. Some parents were contacted and required to remove their children from the area.

  • Thursday 7th October, 2021

    Officers and PSCO’s were on foot patrol in the  area of Westfield and Preston Academy’s  at the end of the school day due to reports of fighting amongst pupils.

    If you have witnessed anything please call 101 or visit avonandsomerset.police.uk to report it on line.

  • Wednesday 6th October, 2021

    Officers are aware of continued Anti-social behaviour over the past couple of weeks.

    A number of youths have been identified, and officers are in the process of dealing with them, this behaviour will not be tolerated, and any further incidents involving them will be looked into and dealt with accordingly.

    There are also still a small number of unidentified individuals, if you are a witness or have any CCTV to any incidents involving youths in Yeovil, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or your local PCSO who can be found via our website.

  • Thursday 2nd September, 2021

    We have received numerous reports of anti-social behaviour this evening involving a certain group of youths. Officers attended multiple incidents involving the same group of youths and positive action will be taken.

    This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated.

    If you are a victim of anti-social behaviour or witness any unacceptable behaviour then please contact us on 101, 999 (in an emergency), via our website or alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

  • Thursday 26th August, 2021

    PCSO’s spent yesterday morning on foot patrol engaging with several residents. This helps us to better understand the issues you might be experiencing.

    If you have witnessed any anti social behaviour please contact 101 or visit avonandsomerset.police.uk to report it online.

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