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Priority closed

  • This priority is now closed as a result of the actions below.
  • If you have any questions or issues concerning this priority, you can contact the beat team using the contact form on the beat page.

Electric Scooters are classified as PLEVs (Private Light Electric vehicles).  They are not subject to taxes or registration, and as such CANNOT legally be used on the road in the UK. They can only be ridden on private land with permission of the land owner. They must not be ridden on footpaths, roads or in open spaces such as parks. If stopped you run the risk of the scooter being seized for no insurance and it will not be returned to you. You can receive points on your driving licence. 


  • Sunday 6th February, 2022

    We have received no further reports


  • Monday 6th December, 2021

    We have received no further reports of the use of illegal E Scooters, we will continue to review and take action when necessary.

    If you have any further information please do let us know.


    Thank you.

  • Wednesday 6th October, 2021

    There has been a reduction of reports of use of illegal E Scooters, however officers have been on the look out and offences will be dealt with robustly, with seizures of the E Scooter and the traffic offences committed.

  • Wednesday 22nd September, 2021

    There has been a decrease in the complaints of e scooters but we are still keeping an eye out.  The concern of young people being given them as modes of transport still and run the risk of them being seized.  or having points of driving licences potentially before they are legally holding a licence.

  • Wednesday 22nd September, 2021

    On Southville Yeovil an e scooter was seized from a 27 year old female who said that they thought that it was legal to drive an e scooter. With 6 points on her licence already – she faces potential disqualification.

  • Friday 3rd September, 2021

    10pm on Old Station Road, Yeovil private e scooter driver was stopped by Neighbourhood team and the rider failed a road side breath test and arrested for driving a Private light electric vehicles. Rider will also be investigated for driving without insurance. His E Scooter was seized for destruction.

    11.30pm on Middle Street Yeovil 2 ZWING e scooters were stopped by Neighbourhood team as they both had pillion passengers and words of advice issued. Details taken.

  • Thursday 2nd September, 2021

    Whilst on patrol in the Monksdale, Larkhill Road area of Yeovil 2 riders were identified using the Zwings e scooter.  They are being investigated for the traffic offences committed, to allow a pillion passenger, riding on a pavement, driving without due care and attention,

    The driving licence used as identity which appears to be that of the drivers mother she is being investigated for causing, allowing permit another to use her licence.

    Zwings have been contacted and no further hiring of their scooters are allowed to be made on their vehicles by these individuals.

  • Wednesday 1st September, 2021

    On patrol in Barwick, 1.30 pm today officers found youths riding 2 E Scooters towards the Recreation field.  They were taken back to parents and advised of the legality and if seen again then they would be seized.

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