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Speeding continues to be a priority for Wells NPT. Local officers are regularly conducting high visibility speeding checks throughout Wells City and Rural with the aim to deter such behaviour and educate drivers.

Wells NPT officers are now posting small slips to say you might of missed through households in locations speeding checks are being conducted to reassure residents that local officers are out tackling this issue.

Local speed watch groups are now also able to operate and will be conducting regular speeding checks in their local areas. Avon and Somerset Police are then informed where local officers will make contact with the offender for educational purposes.

If you have any speeding concerns, in an emergency please call 999 or 101 for anything else.

To find out how you can get involved, Please contact your local NPT to learn more about Speed watch in your area.


  • 7 June 2023

    This Week PCSO’s have been visiting various addresses of people who have been recorded to have been speeding by local community speed watch groups.

    On this occasion, Words of advice have been given regarding further action including points and a fine if they are caught speeding again.

  • 8 February 2022

    Wells NPT continue to maintain a high level of visibility throughout Wells and surrounding areas, whether it be via patrols, attendance at community events or even Come meet us surgeries (previously known as beat surgeries). When engaging with members of the public, a common issue that comes up is Road safety and speeding. Wells NPT work closely with community speed watch groups, and conduct regular random speed check patrols in order to combat such behaviour and ASB driving.

    With this in mind, Wells NPT would like to invite local groups and Voluntary organisations in the community to come together to create a project with the aim (but not limited to) improve road safety, reduce accident and casualty figures, provide education and training for children, young persons, learners and inexperienced drivers.

    Please note grants of up to £5,000 can be awarded, but does not include;

    • Individual applications
    • Expeditions or trips
    • Replacement of statutory funding or salaries
    • Bursary or scholarship
    • Speed indication devices (Usually funded by local authority)
    • Community Speed watch

    Application deadlines:

    • 1 March – decision date end of April
    • 1 June – decision date end of July
    • 1 September – decision date end of October
    • 1 December – decision date end of January

    Examples of recent grant awards include Portishead Cycle Club using their funding to purchase cameras to record examples of poor driving, while making sure the club members also follow the rules to maximise road safety for all, and Weston and Mendip Advanced motorists group launched their Young Advanced Driver (YAD) Scheme, which will allow the group to provide 20 fully funded IAM advanced driving courses for drivers aged under 25 who live in Bristol, Somerset and North Somerset to benefit from a series of observed runs, with a qualified observer who will provide advice and guidance to prepare for an advanced driving challenge. This scheme is a great example of how the Road Safety fund can be used as it aims to provide advice and skills to young drivers to prevent them being involved in any accidents.

    To find out more, please attend one of our regular ‘Come meet Us’ events or contact the local NPT on 101 or via SomEastNPTMendipWest@avonandsomerset.police.uk

    To apply for the Road safety Fund, or to find out about other Grants you may be able to apply for, please go to:



  • 7 January 2022

    Wells NPT continue to conduct random speed checks in Wells and surrounding villages.

    Where operationally possible, a small slip may be posted through your door to alert you that you may have missed us but we are / have been in the area.


    If you are concerned about speeding in your area, please email SomEastNPTMendipWest@avonandsomerset.police.uk

    with your location and times you believe speeding is most prominent, and we will do our best to do speed checks in these locations.

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