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Anti-Social Behaviour

Local businesses and residents have spoken to Neighbourhood officers about their concerns over perceived increase in occurrences of Anti-Social behaviour (ASB), including drunkenness homelessness and gathering of youths in the Cathedral Green, Market Place, and High Street area of Wells, and in the vicinity of our several supermarkets.  Our response to this is to increase our patrols in these areas and to proactively engage with residents, businesses, and tourists in our city.

Safer, stronger communities are enhanced by positive relations with neighbourhood police.  We will continue to patrol these location and deal positively while supporting individuals in need with any of these incidents.


  • 7 June 2023

    Wells NPT have created a management occurrence in which issues related to ASB / Homelessness drunken behaviour / begging are all linked together.

    This allows the local team to identify any patterns of behaviour and rising issues that need tackling.

    Wells NPT have continued to provide a high visibility presence, engaging with various services including housing and mental house providers to identify any safeguarding needs.


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