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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Anti-social Behaviour at Somer Centre Skate Park

Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) in and around Gullock Tyning Skate Park.

Reports of anti-social behaviour have been made to the area.

Issues with vehicle ASB, both car and mopeds.


  • Tuesday 28th January, 2020

    No significant issues recently. Regular foot patrols have been maintained in the area users of the park engaged.

  • Friday 29th November, 2019

    Patrols continue, but ASB issues have decreased with colder weather.

    The gate being closed at night has solved the issues with Anti-social Driving. Patrols will continue.

  • Tuesday 29th October, 2019

    Some issues of ASB witnessed recently by beat officers.

    This is noted by the team and will lead to increased patrols of the area to de-escalate any problems.

  • Wednesday 2nd October, 2019

    Regular foot patrols have been maintained in the area and users of park engaged.


    No significant issues recently and minimal reports. Gate put in place and locked in evenings, which has eased issues.

    Mobile Police Station periodically parked at the location to show a presence.

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