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Anti-social Driving in Old Mills Tesco car Park

Late afternoons and early evening’s young drivers are gathering in the car park at Old Mills. There are incidents of dangerous driving and Anti-Social behaviour. A local officer will be patrolling the area and viewing CCTV images to identify those responsible.

Action will be taken against those that are responsible for any traffic offences or Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).


  • Tuesday 4th February, 2020

    Unfortunately, we have had another incident of Anti-Social Behaviour, two drivers have been spoken to by local officers. The beat team will continue to monitor the area and take firm action when needed.

  • Monday 30th December, 2019

    We have viewed CCTV footage of a vehicle being driven in a dangerous and anti-social manner. The footage has been copied and we will be attempting to identify the driver.

  • Sunday 1st December, 2019

    The driver of the car that was filmed driving in a dangerous and anti-social manner has been identified and dealt with under sec 59 of the Police reform act 2002.

  • Thursday 24th October, 2019

    Although we have had no calls in the last few weeks, officers have received information that the number of youths gathering in the car park is beginning to increase and some incidents of anti-social driving have been witnessed.

    In light of this, we will be increasing our evening patrols

  • Thursday 26th September, 2019

    We have not had any reports of nuisance drivers in the last month, patrols will continue and CCTV images will be routinely looked at by Tesco security and Neighbourhood officers.

  • Saturday 7th September, 2019

    We have not received any reports of Anti-Social driving in the car park for four weeks now. Patrols will continue along with regular viewings of CCTV images.

    Neighbourhood officers are encouraging members of the public to report issues on the 101 Police non-emergency number or by submitting an online report.

  • Saturday 10th August, 2019

    CCTV images have been viewed and another young driver has been dealt with under section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002.


    Officer’s are now considering if other road traffic offences have been committed.

  • Wednesday 7th August, 2019

    After a relatively quiet period, we have received a report of a vehicle doing doughnuts and driving in a dangerous and anti-social manner.

    CCTV footage has been captured and will be viewed over the next two days in an attempt to identify the driver if successful we will be taking action.

  • Wednesday 10th July, 2019

    Police have issued a ticket to a driver with a loud modified exhaust system, that driver and vehicle have also dealt with under section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002.

    The total number of Section 59 warnings issued for the area now stands at four and a number of road traffic offences have also been dealt with. Patrols will continue and any driver using their vehicle in an Anti-Social manner will be dealt with.

  • Sunday 16th June, 2019

    Neighbourhood officer has viewed CCTV following reports of dangerous and anti-social driving.

    A young driver has been reported for driving offences and is likely to receive a fine and penalty points, that driver has also been served with a section 59 warning under the Police reform act 2002.

    A further section 59 has been served on a motorcycle rider. A section 59 warning means that any repeat of anti-social behaviour involving them or their vehicle could result in that vehicle being seized by Police.

    We will be visiting the homes of other young drivers identified as being involved in the anti-social use of vehicles in the Old Mills car park over the coming weeks.

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