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School parking – Parking on Keep Clear / clearway markings.

Parking and stopping of vehicles on the Yellow Zig Zag Clearway Markings at schools is s frequent problem, and is regularly monitored by the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Schools in High Littleton, Farmborough, and Clutton Primary School present the main concerns as they are located on busier roads.

The Clearway markings are areas that drivers should not be parking or stopping on. The Clearway is to create a clear and unobstructed view of the road for the Crossing Patrol, and for approaching traffic, and is in place for the safety of children as paramount, and for their parents / carers. Safety and lives are put at risk by any vehicle that is stopped or parked in this area. Remember, it could be your child.

Only if you are stationary in traffic are you allowed to stop, as the traffic is not moving at that time.

Drivers of vehicles parked or stopped on the Clearway, will initially be spoken with and given advice. Drivers will only be reported for the offence if seen again.

Thank you for your cooperation and support with this matter.


  • Sunday 28th November, 2021

    The Neighbourhood Policing Team have been monitoring this issue since the return of school in September, and have been very impressed, with only 3 drivers having to be spoken with and given advice.

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