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caring for our community

We are about to start on a new year which will no doubt continue to challenge all we do in the community.

Add this to the short dark days and cold wet weather – not looking to exiting is it ?

We can all  make a difference though to release the gloom and support others along the way.

This is a perfect time to show how we in the community can pull together to make a difference, lets look at a few ideas.

  • Remember to be responsible adhering to the latest guidelines.
  • Keep a close eye on elderly neighbours who may feel lonely and isolated, call on them keeping at a safe distance and ask if all is well .Offer help with shopping, medical needs etc.
  • Stay active to release those endorphins, this can help with mental health  and a sense of general wellbeing.
  • Try and stay positive, look for the good within this unfortunate situation. Ask yourself how will I do things differently when we come out of this.
  • Stay courteous and patient when out walking, cycling, running or driving.
  • Is there a way which you may be able offer anything else, look at local bulletin boards, Facebook pages and  websites to see what other groups are doing.
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