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Vacant Properties

Over the last month we have been receiving increased reports regarding empty and derelict properties being accessed.

These properties have ranged from sheds to houses however all have one thing in common; that they are vacant. Not in all but in some circumstances, there has been some damage done although none of the properties have had anything stolen mainly due to being empty.

The properties are being entered in ways that could cause serious harm or due to the state in which the property is in could cause injury just through being in there.


  • 11 June 2023

    The neighbourhood policing team are increasing patrols to cover properties we know have been or continue to be targeted.

    We have spoken to estate agents to make them aware as well as
    working with the council and local businesses to ensure properties that have been targeted are secured.

    We encourage you to speak to your children regarding the risks of entering empty properties even if just for a look around. It is
    trespassing and nobody but the owner or authorised persons have any right to be in there.

    We would recommend if you have any empty property including sheds or outbuildings to ensure it is secured and not easily accessible and make sure to report to police via 101 or website if you find that your property has been entered without permission.

    Please be vigilant and keep an eye out for people hanging around or entering places that looks unusual.

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