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Thefts from garages and sheds

Thefts have occurred recently from sheds and garages in Keynsham. Enquiries are underway to identify offenders. The Keynsham Neighbourhood Policing Team is working with other police units to patrol the areas more intensively. CCTV enquiries are underway and witnesses being spoken to.


  • Saturday 28th August, 2021

    Offences continue to be monitored and patrols are taking place at key times to prevent further incidents. There has been one attempted offence within the last two weeks. Officers have attended to investigate and provide security advice to the residents.

  • Tuesday 10th August, 2021

    Patrols and engagement continues in key areas in Keynsham and surrounding areas. There has been only one reported shed break-in over the past four weeks.

  • Tuesday 29th June, 2021

    In the past fourteen days there have been no reported shed/garage break-ins in Keynsham and the surrounding villages. Patrols are still taking place.

  • Friday 11th June, 2021

    Thefts from garages and sheds have decreased significantly in preceding weeks. The arrest and remand of a number of suspects from outside the Keynsham area by Operation Remedy appears to have halted offending. Patrols and evidence gathering, working in company with residents, will continue.

  • Thursday 20th May, 2021

    This spate of crimes has halted. However, patrols continue in the areas affected.

  • Thursday 25th March, 2021

    Three more thefts/attempted thefts have occurred overnight in Keynsham. Patrols continue to take place and extra resources have been requested to patrol the area.

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