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Drug Cultivation and Dealing

There is always Intel throughout Bristol regarding potential locations for the cultivation, preparation and dealing of Controlled Drugs.

Henbury and Brentry is no different and working in partnership with other agencies and the community we will robustly tackle and attempt to shut down such premises.

Residents have been encouraged to report all incidents to the police.



  • Monday 10th January, 2022

    The use and supply of drugs is an on going issue in the local area. The beat team try and target individuals however we encourage members of public to call 101 with any information they have regarding any suspicious activity.

  • Monday 1st November, 2021

    The local beat have stop and searched a number of individuals in areas where drug use has been known to occur. Quantities of both Class A and Class B drugs have been located during various searches.

    The beat team are working hard to try reduce dealing in the area. We encourage members of public to pass any information they may have regarding the supply of drugs or any suspicious activity to call 101.

  • Thursday 9th September, 2021

    In a recent ‘proactive day’ the local neighbourhood team seized over twenty cannabis plants from an address in Brentry after reports of cannabis use in the area.

    We encourage residents to report any suspicions or concerns through 101 to enable the local neighbourhood team to deal with these reports as appropriate.

  • Wednesday 21st April, 2021

    One address was recently closed down through the courts due to ASB and drug dealing from the address. Intelligence and proactive policing can help reduce similar issues in the area. We encourage members of public to call up any suspicious activity to allow us to look into this.

  • Friday 31st May, 2019

    Police seized over 200 fully mature Cannabis Plants at an address in Henbury, and a suspect has been arrested and deported. This is a significant seizure in our continuing efforts to interrupt drug supply in Bristol.

  • Thursday 7th March, 2019

    Drug Warrant at an address in Henbury, Cannabis seized, investigation ongoing, drug supply disrupted.

  • Tuesday 27th November, 2018

    Drug Supply from 2 properties in Brentry has now ceased thanks to frequent proactive patrols in the area. Interrupting Drug Supply is a vital part of tackling this type of crime.

  • Monday 6th August, 2018

    3 Drugs Warrants have been completed at an address in Brentry. No drugs recovered but our constant attendance at the address and support from the local community has interrupted the drug dealing to the extent that the Dealers have moved elsewhere.

  • Wednesday 18th July, 2018

    Drugs warrant executed at an address in Brentry. A small amount of drugs and some stolen property from Burglaries recovered. Males arrested and charged to court for Possession Class A and Handling Stolen Goods.

  • Sunday 12th February, 2017

    Cannabis Factory found and dismantled – 2 persons under investigation

  • Wednesday 8th February, 2017

    Cannabis Factory found – one person received Police Caution for Production

  • Sunday 14th February, 2016

    Drugs Warrant executed in Brentry – 3 Arrested and a substantial amount of Class A Drugs and Cash seized.

  • Friday 13th November, 2015

    Drugs Warrant in Brentry – 3 people arrested for Production of Cannabis.

  • Wednesday 11th November, 2015

    While on mobile patrol a suspicious male was seen walking near Henbury School – he was stopped for a drug search and ran off but was caught with Class A Drugs and a knife – Charged to court.

  • Wednesday 11th November, 2015

    Two males were arrested in Henbury after being found in possession of a large quantity of cash and illegal controlled drugs. They are currently on bail as the investigation into the suspected supply of these drugs continues.

  • Thursday 4th June, 2015

    We have recently had great success at an address in Brentry where we conducted an operation where 2 persons were arrested and over £1500 of Class A drugs were seized. One of the suspects is still in prison pending his court date.

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