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ASB Glastonbury Town Centre

Glastonbury is a small market town highly dependent on tourism for its livelihood, it experiences in excess of 100,000 tourists each year from all around the world and as such although ASB is a low level crime not only does it have a detrimental effect on lives and wellbeing of the individuals in the immediate locality where it is taking place but it effects the community as a whole, the victims, their extended families, social services, local GP’s, housing authorities and mental health services all receive a knock on effect.

ASB has a particular impact around St Johns Churchyard, High Street, Magdelene Street and Benedict Street areas of the town with Street Drinking, Drug dealing and other ASB related crime having a detrimental effect on the quality of life of shop owners, residents and tourists within this vicinity.

If you see or hear anything suspicious please report it to us as this helps us develop a picture of what is happening and use the tools available to us to tackle the issues. We are working with Mendip District Council with their Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) which is enforceable by the Council in regards to Street Drinking. We can also work with our ASB team to use any appropriate ASB tools, and increased police patrols will deal with any offences that arise.


  • 5 October 2022

    Over the past few weeks the Glastonbury Neighbourhood Policing Team have increased their high visibility patrols in the area, where they have conducted stop searches and seized illegal drugs and knives.


  • 20 April 2022

    In and around the Town Centre you may have noticed we have had some visits from our Mounted section colleagues. This is to help provide a high-vis police presence, give reassurance and deal with any issues that arise. If you see any of your mounted section colleague and horses please say hello.

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