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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Anti-Social Behaviour in Frome parks

Priority closed

  • This priority is now closed as a result of the actions below.
  • If you have any questions or issues concerning this priority, you can contact the beat team using the contact form on the beat page.

We have received reports regarding youths smoking cannabis in Victoria Park in the afternoons and evenings.


  • Thursday 9th April, 2020

    The team continue to patrol the park areas and have seen a good reduction of ASB reports made to police. This priority will now be completed, however, the team as a matter of daily patrols be frequenting these areas to prevent them from becoming an issue in the future.

  • Thursday 26th March, 2020

    We have seen a reduction in ASB calls recently, however, members of our communities have been asking whether they should report people congregating and/or ignoring social distancing rules.

    • We are asking people to not report this to us at this stage.
    • We are patrolling the streets as normal.
    • We will find large gatherings not complying with Government restrictions and make clear the importance of social distancing at this time.
    • We will be enforcing these new measures when the new legislation is in place, which will allow us to disperse groups of more than two people.
  • Monday 16th March, 2020

    At the moment the Beat Team have received a lot fewer reports concerning Anti-social behaviour in the park areas of Frome which is positive for both the community and the Beat Team.

    We appreciate this can change quite rapidly. So the Beat Team will continue to patrols those park areas that are highlighted as problem areas.

    Hopefully, this will give people some confidence in using the park facilities and making the most of what they have to offer.

    If you see Officers in the parks, please take the opportunity to have a chat with them. They will listen to your concerns.

  • Friday 6th March, 2020

    Frome Beat Team will be concentrating their efforts on park patrols in the evenings and night time this weekend.

    Particular attention will be focused upon Victoria Park and the Skate Park on Welshmill Road.

    Over the past week, the beat team have maintained their presence within the park areas, which has promoted reassurance to service users.

    We would still encourage members of the public to report any issues they may have within the parks and surrounding areas, this can be achieved by either calling 101 or in an emergency 999.

  • Tuesday 25th February, 2020

    Frome Beat Team are continuing to patrol the park areas of Frome which is proving to be beneficial due to fewer calls to service.

    The beat team are remaining to work alongside the park wardens in an effort to reduce calls to the police and provide reassurance to the public.

  • Saturday 22nd February, 2020

    We have increased patrols in the area.

  • Tuesday 4th February, 2020

    Early morning patrols through the Victoria Park have spoken to a number of school children and dog walkers. We encourage people to report if they see anyone smoking cannabis or they believe to be smoking cannabis in Victoria Park or any other locations.

  • Thursday 30th January, 2020

    We are encouraging people to report anyone that has been smoking cannabis or they believe to be smoking cannabis in Victoria Park or any other locations.

    You can call 101 or report online.

  • Monday 27th January, 2020

    Patrols are continuing within the park

  • Saturday 18th January, 2020

    Following proactive patrols of Victoria Park and River Walk several stop searches have been carried out. Cannabis has been seized and the offenders have been dealt with by being referred to a Drug Education Programme.

  • Friday 10th January, 2020

    High visibility patrol within and around Victoria Park.

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