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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Frome Rural PACT priority – Speeding in the rural villages

Speeding in the rural villages of Frome has been highlighted as a priority. The speeding causes safety concerns amongst our rural communities.


  • Thursday 7th May, 2020

    With less traffic on the roads, we are aware that some motorists are taking advantage and speeding.

    This is a national issue, and in consultation with our partner agencies, we will continue to monitor and enforce speed restrictions.

    The speed enforcement unit is still operational, and they will be actively targeting speeders. Your Beat Team will be out and about monitoring known problem areas.

  • Wednesday 15th April, 2020

    Due to the current social distancing measures brought in to tackle the COVID -19 pandemic, community speed watch efforts have had to be suspended. We hope to resume community speed watches once social distancing measures have been relaxed.

    As a result of the reduction in road traffic due to COVID-19 movement restrictions we have seen an increase in road safety.
    We urge all drivers to follow the government’s advice and only travel when essential.


    We ask people when taking daily exercise, to do so from their home address and not to travel by car in order to exercise.

  • Tuesday 17th March, 2020

    You may have noticed our new speed watch posters appearing in the rural villages around Frome. We are always looking for new members to join as volunteers.

    If you require more information on community speed watch you can visit our website:

  • Thursday 27th February, 2020

    We have continued to monitor the speeding in the villages.

    This is an ongoing issue which we continue to tackle alongside our Community Speed Watch partners.

    Repeat offenders are visited by our team with a view to them changing their behaviour through education.

  • Sunday 23rd February, 2020

    Last week was the quarterly Community SpeedWatch (CSW) meeting for the Mendips. Members from the Frome Rural neighbourhood team were in attendance and the issue was discussed at length.

    It was noted that there is a good working relationship between CSW, the Speed Enforcement Unit (SEU) and the local beat team. We are working with our colleagues to reduce the number of speeding vehicles in our area.

    The local CSW groups have been collecting data with which SEU have been targeting their action at the worst affected sites. The local beat team have been conducting visits to persistent offenders within their local area and assisting with enforcement action at prolific sites.

    If you would like any more information on Community SpeedWatch or would like to set up your own team then please visit our Community SpeedWatch page.

  • Monday 17th February, 2020

    Two village locations have been focused on for speed enforcement. Speed and weight restrictions on our village roads were enforced.

    Thanks to our local Community Speed Watch volunteer who came to support us. If you would like to know if there is a Community SpeedWatch Scheme in your area, or you are interested in setting one up to help with a speeding concern, email

  • Wednesday 29th January, 2020

    Your rural neighbourhood team have been out at a location this week carrying out speed checks. This will be continued action, so look out for us within our rural communities where speeding has been highlighted to us as an issue/concern.

    Please slow down!!

  • Tuesday 21st January, 2020

    It was decided by our rural communities that attended the PACT meeting last night (20/01/2020) that this should remain as one of our priorities. Please continue to check our progression and updates reference this issue via this page and our social media platforms.

  • Tuesday 14th January, 2020

    The Frome Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team carried out a speed enforcement session at numerous locations identified.

    Three drivers were reported at roadside for excess speed and tickets issued. Please be aware there are more sessions planned, so please adhere to the mandatory speed limits in place.

  • Sunday 29th December, 2019

    In 2019 all Community SpeedWatch groups in Avon and Somerset have conducted 2200 sessions in total resulting in 39k letters being sent out to drivers warning them about the impact speeding has on communities.

    This acts as very important education before enforcement. Community speed watch groups work closely with our speed enforcement unit.

  • Sunday 15th December, 2019

    The Frome Rural Neighbourhood Policing team have carried out a speed watch session this week at a location highlighted as a hotspot for speeding in this area. Positive feedback from the public received.

  • Saturday 30th November, 2019

    If you think that you have a speeding issue in your area then please get in contact and we can offer advice. You can also visit Community SpeedWatch to see if there is a SpeedWatch group in your area and information to set up your own.

  • Sunday 17th November, 2019

    The Neighbourhood Policing Team have been out at a certain locations conducting speed checks, also liaising with the speed enforcement unit about speeding issues within one of our rural villages.

  • Tuesday 29th October, 2019

    At the recent Frome rural PACT meeting on the 29/10, it was agreed by all those that attended to continue with this as being one of the rural priorities.

  • Wednesday 23rd October, 2019

    Meeting has been held between a concerned resident of Horn Street, Nunney in relation to recent speeding. Actions have been taken from the meeting and we will be looking to implement over the coming weeks.

  • Friday 11th October, 2019

    The speed enforcement unit has been out and about in the Frome Rural area this week. Speeding drivers continue to be detected speeding through our rural villages. PLEASE SLOW DOWN! And comply with the mandatory speed limits.

  • Sunday 22nd September, 2019

    We will be carrying out enforcement action in the near future with regards to speeding following reports from members of the public.

  • Friday 6th September, 2019

    The Neighbourhood Policing Team have been carrying out speed checks at various rural locations this week.

  • Monday 2nd September, 2019

    Speed watch to be carried out next week in rural villages.

  • Friday 30th August, 2019

    HGV watch – PC and PCSOs carried out HGV stops in Norton St Philip. Drivers breaking weight limits were issued with tickets.

  • Wednesday 7th August, 2019

    At the most recent Rural PACT meeting 06/08/19, it was agreed by the attendees for this to remain as one of current PACT priorities.

  • Friday 19th July, 2019

    The beat team have carried out a session with one of the active rural Community SpeedWatch schemes.

    During the session four speeding vehicles were detected. These drivers will be receiving warnings. Please take this warning and slow down and comply to the mandatory speed limits.

  • Wednesday 10th July, 2019

    This week members of your Neighbourhood Policing Team have visited some of the persistent speeders detected by our Community SpeedWatch groups. Suitable words of advice / education have been given to these individuals.

  • Sunday 30th June, 2019

    With major roadworks happening in the next few weeks around the village of Rode, those using the village as a short cut please respect the village and slow down, keeping to the speed limits. There will be presence monitoring this during the next few weeks.

  • Monday 10th June, 2019

    A location within one of our rural villages has been highlighted as having a speeding issue. The speed enforcement unit has been contacted and are now aware. PLEASE SLOW DOWN !!

  • Tuesday 21st May, 2019

    A member of the Frome rural beat team will be out liaising with local SpeedWatch teams in the area this week. If you think you have a speeding issue in your area, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Sunday 21st April, 2019

    It was agreed on the 16/04/2019 at the Frome Rural PACT meeting to make speeding a PACT priority.

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