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Anti-social behaviour in parks and open spaces

Our beat area is lucky to enjoy various green, open spaces for members of the community to use and enjoy, especially now moving into the summer months. These areas naturally attract crowds, especially groups of young people, who come to socialise with their friends. With this increase in people however, unfortunately comes with an increase in the frequency of anti-social behaviour and criminal offences.

We continue to ‘hotspot patrol’ our higher demand areas, including parks and open spaces, to ensure these areas are safe and inviting for everybody to use. Everyone has the right to take full advantage of these areas, and we want parents to know that their children will be safe while in the community.

You will continue to see us patrolling these areas during all hours of the day, as-well as new beat surgeries and bike marking events announced on our social media pages. If you see us, feel free to come and say hi!

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