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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Drugs and substance misuse

Drugs and substance misuse is a very complex issue as the reason why an individual has taken this path can be down to multiple variants which could include social, environmental, financial, education, pleasure, vulnerability, mental health issues, along with many other factors.


  • Tuesday 25th February, 2020

    The Bournville and Oldmixon One team recognise that there is a significant drugs problem on the estates which we police. Due to the wide range of lifestyle effects which feed into this, we will be taking into account all these things and ensure we work alongside our partner agencies to tackle it from all angles to help ensure a larger impact on the situation.

    The team will look to:

    • Work with our partner agencies and make referrals to them when necessary
    • Patrol and increase visibility in hot spot areas
    • Make use of stop check powers
    • Gather intelligence
    • Make arrests
    • Disrupt activity
    • Educate youths early by working in schools and youth clubs etc.
    • Running team operation days to tackle known areas/offenders
    • Target known offenders
    • Use of plainclothes police officers

    Paul Hannaford spent five days working in North Somerset during October, visiting schools on the Bournville and Oldmixon estates including primary schools, schools from the wider Weston area and colleges in Weston and Bridgwater (in total 15 schools and colleges).

    In addition, two community sessions and an Air Cadets session were held. John Penrose MP was also able to attend one of the sessions.

    In total, Paul presented to over 3,000 children, generating significant and very positive social media feedback from children, teachers and parents (over 10,000 social interactions) who all praised the “hard-hitting”, “impactful”, “thought-provoking”, “inspirational” and “honest” presentations.



  • Monday 6th January, 2020

    The Bournville and Oldmixon One Team / Uphill Coronation Team have had an action week to tackle County Lines in our areas.

    County lines, means groups or gangs from the cities, using young people or vulnerable adults locally to carry and sell drugs from town to town and across county boundaries. This almost exclusively involves violence, intimidation and the offer of money or drugs.

    We have attended addresses and gathered intelligence around addresses believed to be used for these operations and have been visiting schools, GPs and other community groups to heighten awareness of these issues in an aim to help identify offenders and vulnerable people that may be targeted by such groups.

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