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Public Space ASB

Following the Covid lockdowns of 2020-2021 there has been increased usage of public outdoor spaces leading to problems with anti-social behaviour in terms of leaving rubbish, urination in public spaces and general public order offences. The large numbers of visitors has created pressures for local residents in terms of noise and fear of crime.

As the local beat team we will continue to –

Work with BANES council including close working with Covid Marshalls

encourage and support people to remove their own litter and keep spaces tidy

Encourage people to be respectful to the local residents particularly towards hours of darkness with regards to noise.

Work to prevent anti-social behaviour using powers where appropriate to curtail ASB

Look to increase public confidence by regular public patrol and engaging other Police colleagues such as the mounted section to patrol on horseback

To engage with persons in the park about safety issues and responsible behaviour

To work with partner agencies to ensure there is support for and engagement with, young persons

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