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Somerset man charged with multiple burglary-related offences

A man from Taunton has been charged with a number of burglary and theft-related offences.

Sam Reynolds, 35, of no fixed address in Taunton has been charged with three counts of non-dwelling burglary, actual bodily harm, threatening a person with a sharply pointed article, eight counts of theft-related offences, and breach of an existing court order.

He was detained and arrested on Tuesday evening. The burglary and theft-related charges are in connection with a number of incidents in which properties in Taunton were burgled.

The charge of actual bodily harm is in connection with an incident in which PCSO Sam Bushen was stabbed with a pair of scissors whilst detaining a suspect.

Mr Reynolds appeared at Taunton Crown Court yesterday (Wednesday 7 August) and he has been remanded in custody. He will next appear at Taunton Crown Court on 6 September for sentencing.