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Wanted man arrested in Poland

Wojciech Kolodziejcyk
Wojciech Kolodziejcyk

Wanted man Wocjiech Kolodziejcyk, who was sentenced in his absence to 13 years in prison at Bristol Crown Court last December, has been arrested in Poland this morning (May 20).

Kolodziejcyk, 31, was found guilty of conspiracy to supply cocaine, possession with intent to supply cocaine and money laundering last November.

A total of £86,000 cash, 24kg adulterant, a hydraulic press and £7,000 worth of cocaine were seized from his former addresses in the West Midlands as part of a South West Regional Organised Crime Unit investigation.

Arrangements are currently being made to bring Kolodziejcyk back to Bristol where he will face an additional sentence at Bristol Crown Court for failure to surrender.