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Man jailed for murder in Bristol

A man has been jailed for 12.5 years for the murder of his wife at their home in Bristol.

George Worgan, aged 35, was charged with murder following the death of his wife, Kelly, who was found at their home in Napier Road, Avonmouth, on November 28 last year. Worgan was arrested on the same day in Cumbria after driving more than 300 miles to evade arrest.

Worgan was handed the sentence at Bristol Crown Court  today (Tuesday May 7) after pleading guilty to murder.

A statement written by Kelly’s parents, Glynis and Paul Holder, was read out in court.

“We felt devastated and hurt it was really hard to take in everything we were being told.

“From that moment on it was as if we were in a nightmare, like it wasn’t real, it was as though we were waiting to be woken up but we never were the awful nightmare continues.

“Since we discovered the devastating news of our Kelly’s death our lives have changed drastically and it is hard to try and put this into words.

“The future for us all is very uncertain and this adds to the daily stress of trying to bring up two young children and grieve the loss of our lovely Kelly.

“I worry about the future and what it holds for us all but we need to be strong and support each other.  Paul and I need to try and make happy memories for our grandchildren and we will continue to do our best by them, we owe that to our daughter.”