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The facts around using your mobile phone while driving

Texting while behind the wheel
Texting while behind the wheel

In 2016 tougher penalties were brought in to reduce the number of drivers using their mobile phones while driving.

Recent figures from RAC show that despite the introduction of tougher sentences last year there was an increase in the number of drivers admitting using their mobile phones.

This week we’re joining forces across the country to highlight the risks of using your mobile phone behind the wheel and reminding drivers of the penalties given to those who engage in this behaviour.

Since 2016 drivers caught using their mobile phone face the possibility of being given 6 points on their licence, a £200 fine and the possibility of losing your license all together. More importantly, using your phone while driving comes with a significant risk of seriously injuring yourself and others.

As part of the NPCC mobile phone enforcement week we’d like to remind drivers to stay legal by:

  • Turning your phone off and or locking it away in the glove box
  • Ensuring your phone is in a cradle so its hands free
  • Using the “do not disturb while driving” mode on your smartphone. Smartphones like the iPhone have the function built in, however some android phones have an app you can download for free.

Watch our free step-by-step video tutorial and get activated today.