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Three-quarters of vehicles stopped during a multi-agency road safety operation in Horfield were found to have defects

Key partners working together at Horfield Memorial Ground
Key partners working together Horfield at Memorial Ground

The operation included officers with our Roads Policing Unit, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, HM Customs and Excise, DVLA and trading standards.

A total of 58 vehicles were stopped during the operation on 17 April, with 44 directed to a holding bay in the Memorial Ground for further checks.

Of these, 34 vehicles were found to have immediate offences and will be investigated further by relevant agencies.

Offences included 13 cases of mobile phone use while driving, one driver didn’t have a valid licence, a child passenger was found not wearing a seatbelt, and six vehicles had no valid insurance.

Untaxed trade vehicles
Untaxed trade vehicles

Eight vehicles were dangerously overweight, four vehicles had no valid Tax or MOT and two vehicles were running on red diesel.

Red diesel found in a vehicle
Red diesel found in a vehicle

Another 30 severe defects were recorded, which included 13 tyres in dangerous condition, and a further 28 minor defects were also found.

PC Wayne Carhart said: “Last week’s operation was a great success, not just in providing reassurances to the community but we removed many un-roadworthy vehicles off the road and provided our partner agencies with the opportunity to conduct their own investigations into rogue trading, tax evasion and fraud. It was really positive bringing key partners together on this operation.

“The operation sends a clear message to drivers who break the law that there are consequences for their actions. We want to work with our partners to bring criminals to justice and make our roads a safe place for everyone, we will be organising more of these days across the city in the near future.”