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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Jason, Special Constable

Jason makes a meaningful and positive impression with the diverse community.

I first heard about the Special Constabulary through an online recruitment advertisement. After reviewing the various Avon and Somerset social medial accounts, in particular the Twitter accounts, I was extremely curious about the opportunities in this role. For anyone considering a role in the Special Constabulary, there is some really interesting content and insights on these social media accounts.

I always considered a career in the police when I was younger, but I decided to follow a different career path instead. However, this curiosity has always remained and following five years living in the City of Bristol, I wanted to get involved in the community and try to make it a better place through getting involved in the Constabulary.

Diverse Communities

I am currently stationed in South Bristol which is a really interesting and close-knit community. There is great diversity in this part of the City in terms of nationalities, age, cultural and religious beliefs. Every time I am working with the Constabulary, I learn something new about the communities – different beliefs, values and challenges.

A lot of the time, there can be misconceptions about certain members of the community which I firmly believe can be dispelled through open and honest conversations.

As a Special Constable, I really enjoy the the opportunity to make a meaningful and positive impression with the diverse community through actively listening to their concerns and respecting various insights – it helps changes the misconceptions of the Constabulary too.

Work, Life balance

I am very fortunate that my employer respects the work which I am completing as a Special Constable. There appears to be a growing movement for employees to find ways to get involved in community initiatives and volunteering. After all, there are so many transferable skills which can be developed through such activities.

As a Special Constable, I find the amount of committed hours to the role very manageable – it is basically two evenings a month, but you end up wanting to complete many more hours!

“Through my volunteering as a Special Constable, I strongly believe I have developed stronger communication skills. “

Although my communication skills were good before joining the Constabulary, I believe the professionalism and empathy that is required as a Special Constable challenges you to reconsider your communication style. Every interaction with the community will be different, and we must always treat members of the public with absolute respect and integrity.

Recently, I was proud of feedback received from a member of the public and my colleagues for my handling of a burglary of an elderly couple’s home. If there is an opportunity to make someone’s day brighter, even in those difficult circumstances, it can be a very product and rewarding moment.

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