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Ali, Special Constable

Helping to teach good practice.

Ali Tameem 5788

I found out about the Special Constabulary a few years ago after speaking to an officer while out and about. I had asked what SC stood for and he replied that he was a Special Constable.

I have since developed my knowledge and looked back through history to see how integral the Special Constabulary actually is.

Making a difference

I joined to help try to make a difference, in whatever way that can be, whether to be a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, someone to help teach good practice and to also help bring to account criminals who flout the system.

I love being a Special, because I support my regular colleagues in a definite time of need. I have been on shift regularly and been told by the team that it is such a joy to have me on the team, this instils me with confidence and helps me do my job better. Avon and Somerset have very much made me feel part of the team.

Managing work life balance has been hard but manageable. The key I believe is to set yourself a rota pattern to try to follow. And at very least have the ability to give some time every couple of weeks. My family have been very supportive and I could definitely not have done this whole journey without them, and without their motivation.

Developing skills

I have developed lots of skills such as better team working, better management skills, better organisation skills, conflict management skills and health and safety skills.

I would encourage everyone and anyone from all different backgrounds to take up the role and apply.

“Helping your community is rewarding and is something that should be done by all if possible.”

It has been one of the most exceptional undertakings I have ever done and has changed me for the better.

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