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Apply for a grant for a digital SpeedWatch device

Local authorities can apply for a grant from the Road Safety Fund to purchase a digital SpeedWatch device.

Digital SpeedWatch devices are used by communities to help evidence speeding concerns and enable the police to target and respond to those concerns. Information about excess and dangerous speeds, as well as repeat offenders could lead to further action by the police.

Who can apply

Local authorities can apply for a digital SpeedWatch device on behalf of their Community SpeedWatch Scheme. A police funded device can only be deployed where there is an active police approved Community SpeedWatch Scheme.

Before applying

  1. Contact the highways department of your local authority to get approval for the location of the device. Permission is not required if the device can be operated from a tripod.
  2. Complete a self-assessment form from the Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner for third party certification.
  3. Obtain third party certification ready to upload with your application.
  4. Complete a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).


  • You must ensure that any equipment on the highway is compliant with current regulations.
  • The device should be painted bright yellow and be clearly visible.
  • The person installing or removing the device must be qualified to Chapter 8 Regulations (PDF).
  • Your organisation, as the owner of the device, will remain responsible for all repairs.
  • Public and employer’s liability insurance will be required to cover the installers. You may also want insurance to cover against damage and theft of the equipment.
  • Devices can only be installed at locations agreed with your local authority. Permission is not required if the device can be operated from a tripod.
  • Make sure you use the device in rotation at various locations for short periods.
  • Consider sharing a device with other organisations to maximise use.
  • Device data can be used to generate reports for the local councils, local authorities or police.
  • Installing a device permanently must be agreed with the local authority and police.
  • A licence from the local authority is required before installing a pole to fix the sign on. You will be charged for this. A licence is not required if the device can be operated from a tripod.
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